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LeticiaTootington Today my favourite track is "The Truth Said to Riachao" but tomorrow it'll be another track. This album is a perfect storm of talent. The music is so interesting and unique, the sound engineering is excellent, the illustration on the cover is amazing and evocative, the ideology and what it represents is pure and worthy. Congratulations to the whole team, this is special! Favorite track: The Truth Said to Me.
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Simpatica In vulnerability we all share infact our greatest and truest strength, that which provokes an urgency to embrace harmony and peace a feeling of oneness within the universe which is also the home we all share and need to love and respect more greatly.
We feel it because we are part of it, we are living and breathing our own demise right now! With each breath we take with us a deeper sense of our connection to this incredible planet a common sense to naturally defend, protect and nurture. Favorite track: Tekó Porã.
Tekó Porã 05:16
Tekó Porã Voice: Kayapo, kaingang, ticuna, tapuias, aimoré, pataxó, kariri, macuxi, kaiowá, ingaricó, bororós, assurinis, tapirapé, carijó, papaná, tupinambá Choir: A Terra é Nossa, A Terra é Nossa Voice: Maipuré Choir: A Terra é Nossa Voice: Temininó Choir: A Terra é Nossa Voice: Potiguares Choir: A Terra é Nossa Voice: Turiauaras Choir: A Terra é Nossa Voice: Pacajás Choir: A Terra é Nossa Voice: Kamayuras Choir: A Terra é Nossa Voice: Munducurus Choir: A Terra é Nossa, a Terra é Nossa ...
Voice: cavalo marinho, galope, maracatú / catimbo, ciranda / vou guarnicê meu caboclo / de lança / meu caboclo / ele é lanceiro / catimbó / é guiado / encantado Voice: cavalo marinho, galope, maracatú / catimbo, ciranda / vou guarnicê meu caboclo / de lança Choir: com juremá Voice: meu caboclo Choir: com juremá Voice: ele é guiado Choir: com juremá Voice: é sagrada Choir: com juremá Voice: olha a ciranda Choir: com juremá Voice: maracatú ...
Eu sou livre como o vento A minha linhagem é nobre Eu sou um dos mais ilustres Que o sol deste mundo cobre Nasci dentro da grandeza Não saí de raça pobre. What do you have to lose? When your identity has been scattered in the air a dandelion blown to shreds so who are you chasing? Who are you looking for? I am the essence of your dreams a mirror of many places many faces something that everyone believes in the oxygen that you can’t see But somehow involuntary you decide to breathe I am a reflection of you the better and the worst version of you but somehow you discard me instead With my hands held up high you will still shoot me dead but still daydream about me when you look in the mirror before you go to bed Yes I'm still attached to you like a long piece of thread That you might be able to yank or hide away Cut the tshirts into a million pieces But the fabric won't break I'm sewn in where you wear your heart on your sleeves Laced up Tangled up In your veins The foundation of DNA From the colour of my eyes To the tighest curl in my hair How ever much you attempt to alter it I'm still there. Riachão estava cantando, camará Na cidade de Açu Quando apareceu um cabra Urucubaca de urubu Tinha camisa de sola E a calça de couro cru Beiços grossos e virados Como uma sola de um chinelo Um olho muito encarnado Outro bastante amarelo Esse chamou Riachão Para ir cantar martelo
Não adianta fazer macumba Voice: Não adianta fazer macumba / para me pegar (2x) / Você me chamou de boiadeiro Choir: Eu não sou boiadeiro não Voice: Você me chamou de boiadeiro Choir: Eu não sou boiadeiro não Voice: Eu sou tocador de gado Choir: boiadeiro é meu patrão Voice: Eu sou tocador de gado Choir: boiadeiro é meu patrão Voice: Não adianta fazer macumba / para me pegar (2x) / Você me chamou de boiadeiro Choir: Eu não sou boiadeiro não Voice: Você me chamou de boiadeiro Choir: Eu não sou boiadeiro não Voice: Eu sou tocador de gado Choir: boiadeiro é meu patrão


Original to the Guarani peoples and shared by indigenous peoples throughout the Americas, Tekó Porã can be translated as "Bem Viver" or a Beautiful Way of Living.

The Tekó Porã album invites listeners to hear what indigenous peoples have to say about living in harmony. Without exoticism or romanticism, our goal is to listen and dialogue sincerely with the values of these peoples.

Who knows? Maybe we will learn to respect the seas, rivers, mountains, plants and animals who share our planet.

In September 2019, several indigenous leaders and 30 indigenous representatives came from different parts of the world to take part in “Florishing Diversity: Learning from Indigenous Wisdom Traditions” at University College London.

As the gathering came to a close, the Maori representative positioned herself for her speech. Addressing representatives of indigenous delegations, she began to repeat a chant. Collectively they repeated the same phrase several times.

Moments later everyone in the audience was singing in unison:

“A Terra é Nossa” - The land is ours

The mantra song of this album started in that moment. It tuned me in with everything!

The depth of the Maori representative’s message in synergy with the current state of the world, convinced me that it is these peoples we need to listen to in order to protect our planet.

These two albums are an artistic reflection of what these activists, shamans and indigenous people from all over the world came to tell us.

Perhaps these are the people who will be able to teach us about sustainable and ecological systems for managing land, water resources, biodiversity and our own behaviors: how to exist in balance with our home.

Tekó Porã: for a harmonious existence!

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released March 1, 2020

Download the albums GUARNICÊ and TEKÓ PORÃ at


. Guarnicê & Tekó Porã Project conception: Carlo Alexandre Teixeira
. Musical director: Pedro Lima, Artistic director: Délcio Teobaldo,
. Creative consultant: Leo Kay, Recorded and Produced by Marc Lee Brown, Co production and additional instrumentation by Chris Franck, Recording assistant: Joshua Gaskin Brown

Recording @ Raw Material Music & Media Education

Thank you for the suppourt of Raw Material, London

Also thanks to colaboration of Garimpo Estúdio, Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Fushion

Artists: Mayra Fernandes (Voice), Carlo Alexandre (voice & percus-
sion), Chris Franck (acoustic guitar and bass), Delcio Teobaldo (voice) Emiliano Sette (acoustic guitar ), Kezia Lavan (violin), Leo Kay (percussion), Pedro Lima (voice & percussion)

Illustrations: Nick Hayes @nickhayesillustration, Photography: Rachel Holmes @rachelholmes_art and Carlo Alexandre, Text: Carlo Alexandre


all rights reserved



Capoeira & Brazilian Experimental London, UK

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, I started in capoeira when I was 16 years old. My artistic and creative training goes mainly through this art form. From there I learned music, film and theatre. Since 1996 I have been going back and forth from Brazil to the United Kingdom, and recently to Mexico, where I currently live. I worked in slums in Rio, theatre in London and productions in Asia and Scotland. ... more

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